That's My Sonic!

TMS 365 William Hatcher

Re-made this one - didn’t like the old one. Hope this makes up for it.

TMS 365 William Hatcher



TMS 363 Mega Mindreader

Well! So, what are we doing? It looks like I made another comic. I had a couple people say they would like to see more – we even had an article written up about us. @.o

Judging by the reactions to the article not a lot of people will care if this is updated. I’m still a little iffy if anyone will care about a sprite comic updating but I thought I would try and say thanks to everyone supporting this. I’m still very curious if a sprite comic can have an attentive audience.

I don’t have a set schedule for updates but TMS does have a twitterfacebook, andtumblr – and you can follow those to make sure you don’t miss the latest comic.

I’m trying to make each comic a little longer – just because I’m trying to give you guys something with some actual weight to it vs. just a one gag comic.

I dunno! Let me know in the comics or over twitter!

th-there’s an article about That’s My Sonic @.o


I’m getting a couple comments asking if the comic is back.

Now, I don’t know if that’s from sheer disbelief or the want to have the comic back. I had figured sprite comics don’t really have a place in this day and age anymore so the “big” comic I did was kind of a one-off to make up for that sorry excuse for an april fools gag. (seriously…)

That being said, if you guys are seriously interested in wanting the comic back, if there’s an audience, I would totally be up for doing that maddness again.

So what do you think? More comics? Or let it gather dust in the closet?


I’m a little floored that last comic got 95 notes. @.o

Made a new comic! Site broke! Made a new site! Re-uploaded Archive 5 times! All for one new sonic sprite comic

Hey Psy. Whatever happened to Cinos and the Kirbopher Emeralds?

Ah, failed plot points. Well, I dunno, ADHD, depression, self-doubt - all various reasons why I probably stopped. I put in a lot of effort and time into TMS over the years and I kept thinking it would be a “big deal”. It was like trying to build something you thought would finish - only to watch it collapse and fall down every time. Eventually, I figure most people would walk away. That’s what I did - I walked away from plot points and updating 3 times a week on a comic nobody really gave (gives) two shits about.

Now, I’m just trying to update when the urge strikes me so it’s fun for me - that way I don’t have to be depressed when I look at how awful the numbers are doing.